Hoon Hay Foodbank provides support in the form of food parcels to families and people in need within the Christchurch region. 

Local community members Corrin Webster and his partner Nicole, wanted to make a difference in the lives of those in need and formed the Hoon Hay Foodbank from their home, and at their own expense. Their goal is to keep everyone fed and with the large demand, the average number of families/individuals they feed per week is between 150-200. The foodbank is under the aegis of Rowley Resource Centre to support the fantastic work they are doing to support those in need.

To request a food parcel:

  • Send them a text or message via their Facebook page.
  • You must pick up. Please do not request a delivery as Corrin, Nicole and family work independently and they all volunteer their personal time around their family. 
  • You will need to fill out a form with your details when picking up your food parcel. 
  • Please make sure that you are able to pick up. 

If you have received a food parcel from the Hoon Hay Foodbank before, you must wait another 21 days before you can request another. Updates around the holidays: https://www.rowleyresourcecentre.org.nz/Updates/Assistance-during-the-holidays/

Please contact Corrin/Nicole directly on 022 151 2945 to arrange for a food parcel or visit the Hoon Hay Foodbank Facebook page for more information.

Donations: If you wish to donate food items like tinned foods, non perishables etc. or if you want to make a monetary donation please contact Corrin. 

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